• Decision Desk 2014: Big Picture

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    United States Senate

    Count Percent
    Repub 47 47%
    Dem 44 44%
    Open 9 9%
    Total 100 100%
    United States House

    Count Percent
    Repub 220 50.6%
    Dem 175 40.2%
    Open 40 9.1%
    Total 435 100%
    Governor Races

    Count Percent
    Repub 30 60%
    Dem 22 44%
    Open 8 16%
    Total 435 100%

  • Obama Makes Campaign Speech, People Walk Out

    According to Reuters:

    President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity.

    With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.

  • Military Brass Not Impressed With General Obama’s ISIS plan

    This just in from the Gee No Kidding Desk: Washington Post reports that current and former top generals are more vocally expressing disgust with what they consider Obama’s feckless and politically motivated strategy for dealing with ISIS, particularly the decision not to deploy ground combat assets.

    In spite of years of the Obama administration purging the military’s upper ranks of dissenting voices, and the administration’s well-known heavy hand in silencing critics, at some point men of honor and good conscience will speak out. Having observed Obama’s apparent inability to see or anticipate the rise of ISIS, which he famously called the “JV” of the terrorist world, they’ve found that his strategy, slow in coming, seems designed for show and not for success.

    Military leaders have increasingly suggested that Obama’s political promises are restricting their ability to fight. On Wednesday, former defense secretary Robert M. Gates, still an influential figure at the Pentagon, bluntly criticized his former boss. “There will be boots on the ground if there’s to be any hope of success in the strategy,” Gates said in an interview with CBS News, adding that “the president in effect traps himself” by repeating his mantra that he won’t send U.S. troops into combat.

    These military men have 20 years experience dealing with war in that region and against those enemies, but have routinely found their counsel ignored by a man and his henchmen who have had no experience, who apparently have learned no lessons from history, who have for the most part despised the military, and seem convinced of their own brilliance.

    Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, who served under Obama until last year, became the latest high-profile skeptic on Thursday, telling the House Intelligence Committee that a blanket prohibition on ground combat was tying the military’s hands. “Half-hearted or tentative efforts, or airstrikes alone, can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes’ credibility,” he said. “We may not wish to reassure our enemies in advance that they will not see American boots on the ground.”

    As predictable as a dog barking at cars, the administration trotted out the AllIsWell brigade for damage control.

    The White House and Pentagon have scurried this week to insist there is no hint of dissent in the ranks, though in some cases their efforts have focused only more attention on the issue. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tried to reassure the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday that civilian and military leaders at the Pentagon were in “full alignment” and in “complete agreement with every component of the president’s strategy.”

  • Obama One-Finger Salutes The Military

    Figuratively, of course, but stay with me. On Sunday, Obama hopped to New York to make his United Nations speech — yes, that speech, the America caused global warming speech. As he exited Marine One, Marines saluted as always, and what happened next was a personal insult to every American who ever served the United States of America in uniform.

    The Commander-in-Chief of the world’s lone super-power, who currently has the military engaged in a conflict, passed the Marines, tossing up a casual return salute with a drinking cup in his salute hand. What a Gorram cretin.

    It’s more about how we took it

    Already, you cake-eating liberals, media operatives, and other Obama apologists are saying, “You’ve got no right to be mad at Obama. Relax, it’s just a salute. Maybe he doesn’t know any better.”

    Um, no. And shove that. The fact is, we who have served are outraged at such mockery. “Just a salute?” So tell me, is it OK when a guy tells a fat joke in front of an overweight woman? Or tells a racial joke, ever? Or a rape joke? Hey, it’s just a joke, right? Relax. You’ve got no right to be so indignant about it.

    Or is it fine when an old white woman refers to black Americans by the N-word? Hey, she was raised that way, doesn’t know any better, ya know? She doesn’t mean anything by it.

    Nope, that’s not how it works, is it: especially to the braying donkeys in the Leftist Outrage Industry. What matters is not that the perpetrator means no harm. Oh no. That these things are insulting to the target/recipient/victim, THAT is what matters.

    Good for the gander, good for the goose. Perpetually insulted leftists do not get to hold a monopoly on symbol-related outrage. A salute thrown in such a way by a superior officer (or anyone, really, but especially from a superior to whom you have render the courtesy) carries every bit of the spite and offense as would the middle finger. Exactly the same.

    This I hold against that jackass.

    And less about how he intended it

    So you see, I don’t care if this guy didn’t mean anything by it. It was vile, and it was a personal insult.

    Let this be a lesson to all you who never served. Don’t screw around with the salute. If you don’t know how to properly execute a salute, then don’t do it, even with good intentions. Not during the National Anthem or the Pledge, or when your ex-military buddy shows up at your house for poker and manly war movies. You’re likely to get punched, or at the minimum receive a dog-cussing.

    Rendering military courtesy

    This is a very short primer. In basic training, before the sun has gone down on your first day (possibly before you’ve even had your buzz-cut and your first uniform), you’ve been taught how to salute. Over the following days the when-and-where business is drilled into your heart, where it will remain until your dying day.

    It is done with right hand; upper arm straight out sideways from the shoulder; forearm straight all the way to the tip of your fingers, never bent at the wrist; hand and fingers on a flat plane, never cupped, never spread; if hat is on, the fingers meet the bill, otherwise they meet the right eyebrow; the plane of the palm is either flat or preferably facing slightly toward you – never, ever showing to a viewer, and yes, there is a very specific reason for that; the salute is snapped from the beginning position (arm to side in formal situations), and the salute close is snapped down as well. It is not out-and-down as you see on so many movies.

    It’s been 25 years for me, and I didn’t look up one bit of this. Any of you military out there that take exception with any single point of this, please feel free to point it out in the comments.

    The salute is not difficult, but it is exact. Saluting is referred to as “military courtesy”. The lower-ranked person always salutes the higher-ranked person (I am skipping group situations and the when-and-where), and holds that salute until the higher-ranked person returns (and closes) the salute, or waves you off, or has plainly ignored or not noticed the first person. Then he snaps the salute closed (arm back to side).

    It is never, ever casual or slouchy, and you never, ever carry something in your saluting hand. You wouldn’t even have to ask yourself if that was permissible. I would say there was some leeway on how straight the arm is if you’re walking on stairs or a slope, or if other environmental constraints come up.

    OK all that, and why is it such a big deal? Why so insulting to see the C-in-C so flagrantly mis-executing it? It’s because this is military courtesy. The rendered salute says “I acknowledge you as my leader, my superior in command who I will obey.” The return salute says “I accept your respect, and I acknowledge that I serve the Republic and the Constitution and will lead and command you with that in mind.”

    So, do you understand the big deal about the salute?

    But since you mentioned intentions

    If a new Commander-in-Chief did such a thing out of ignorance, I’d be included to forgive — particularly if corrections were quickly made and a sincere apology quickly given. But there’s a bit of a track record between Obama and the military, between Obama and the Constitution, and in general between Obama and respect for traditions.

    I could fill a book with the deeds and insults that Barack Obama and his administration have perpetrated against those who serve. I will only mention a couple, but it’s enough. He and his ilk have constrained the troops in the field with ROE’s that have needlessly cost American lives. Many American lives, and for no better reason that political correctness. Second, he has ignored their needs, and in doing so needlessly cost lives. He waited for months to OK the Afghan version of the “Surge” and in the end only approved a smaller version. He pulled out of Iraq on a timetable that suited his political needs, not the needs of the military, nor of Iraq, nor of our Republic. You see the results played out right now.

    And this. Remember this?

  • Fresh Hot Polls: Obama Sinks To 35%

    Call it a hunch: the news networks are not blazing forth with this as a headline. Am I right, people?

    Reuters, who runs one of the big and often-cited polls, has Barack Obama’s approval at 35%, an all-time low (so far). (h/t WeaselZippers) Actually 34.7%, and that’s including 3.6% who merely “lean approve”.

    It took years and years and years of the daily left-wing media beat-down to get President Bush this low. Obama has enjoyed quite the opposite; ceaseless fawning, praising, covering up, softball interviews, and not the merest interest in an array of scandals that would have made Nero blush. So how bad must he be, that in spite of all of that free advertising, America just can’t stand the guy any more.

    Perhaps – just spitballing here — America is not in love with mass amnesty and open borders; or maybe want a stronger posture toward terrorists and evil regimes that openly threaten us; or who knows, that old “half of America is not working” thing.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a hayseed from flyover country. Loving my country is so…. so… non-cosmopolitan, so non-multi-cultural, so, how can I say this, so intolerant!

    Yeah, so here’s mud in your eye. Suck it, Obamanistas!

  • Democrat Wendy Davis Shoots Low, Still Misses With Wheelchair Attack Ad

    So, what do you do when there are three weeks left before the election and you’re getting clubbed like a baby seal? Depends on who you are. If you’re a typical Republican, you’ll (sadly) sell out whatever conservative principles you might have stood for, and veer sharply leftward in a desperate attempt to curry favor from moderates and limit the bleeding from traditional leftist constituencies.

    If you’re a Democrat, however, desperate times call for pulling out all the stops on every dirty trick, low blow, kick in the crotch, lie, deceit, and depravity you can think up. And by all means, kick the dude in the wheelchair, because he’s in a wheelchair.

    So this will not surprise you at all: the new ad from the campaign of Wendy Davis, Democrat candidate for governor against Republican and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

    Apparently, according to Wendy Davis:
    –only Democrats are entitled to legal remedies when crippled.
    –only Democrats deserve to be compensated for a lifetime of medical. bills, complications, and reduced quality of life, when injured.
    — if you’ve ever won a personal injury lawsuit, you must never believe in or advocate conservative principles of governance.

  • ObamaHouston: Mayor Subpeonas Sermon Texts From Pastors

    Houston mayor, Democrat Annise Parker, ordered the City of Houston to issue subpoenas to a number of area pastors, ordering them to surrender numerous documents, including sermon notes and transcripts, private emails, and financial documents, in particular anything relating to their views on homosexuality, the mayor, and the recently-enacted “men can use women’s bathrooms” city ordinance.

    Yes. You read that right.

    Houston – Philadelphia in Texas

    Houston has recently been a hotbed of some of the nation’s most rampant systemic electoral fraud machines, that in part led to the formation of TrueTheVote.org, an influential nonpartisan group whose agenda is fairness in elections. In an largely otherwise conservative state (let’s ignore Austin for the moment), Houston stands as a forward operating base of the Democrat Party, where citizens are ruled by Democrats, for Democrats, and where elections are conducted and counted by Democrats, and for Democrats.

    The HERO Act

    In June 2104, the City Council passed what they called HERO: Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sounds noble – nay, one might even say heroic, yes? If anything. Democrats excel at packaging, at presentation, at labels that make them look like the champions of the Working Man, of EveryMan.

    They do talk a good show. Although it should not be relevant, I must point out here that 3-term Mayor Parker
    is not only openly gay, but is aligned with and backed by militant gay political groups. Naturally, she ran this last campaign pledging not to push a gay agenda. If only.

    This law was sold as addressing discrimination in hiring, city contracting, and private employment, ensuring inclusivity and opportunity for all residents. What it did was criminalize any non-favorable treatment of homosexuals and transvestites. Not just in hiring. There were exemptions made for religious organizations, which where then invalidated by other subsections, in effect protecting religious organizations that do not discriminate. The ordinance handed broad discretionary powers to the City Attorney and the Inspector General to issue subpoenas to compel cooperation in investigations of any complaints.

    AKA the Sexual Predator Protection Act

    The ordinance includes Seciton 17-51(b), the “Open Bathrooms Component”, which in all Houston private businesses and public facilities makes all female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms available to anyone dressed in female attire.

    Yes. You read that right too.

    Citizens rejected this ordinance

    The law faced loud opposition while it was being considered. The Council rammed it through anyway. A petition to have the law rescinded by referendum (citizen vote) gained 50,000 signatures in less than a month, when only 17,269 were required. City Attorney David Feldman rejected the petition as only having 15.249 valid signatures.

    At that point a lawsuit was filed by Alliance Defending Freedom

    The Empire Strikes Back

    text of the subpoena


  • Going Over The Cliff With President NeverWrong

    Order Into Chaos:

    Obama is incapable of ever admitting wrong. A presidency strewn with scandals and disasters like trailer houses after a tornado, and not one single thing has ever been his fault.

    He’s the smartest man in the world; he’s a better advisor than all of his advisors; a policy wonk; the very crease of his pants crackles with presidential competence; at the sound of his voice, the very seas will halt their rise due to global warming; he’s so awesome that the presidency is too small for him; he’s so cold that ISIS shuddered when he went golfing immediately after making a speech on the Foley beheading; he’s taking the long view – he’s playing chess while the world is playing checkers;

    What we have given up

    standing in the world

    Our society unravelling

    National pride

    Exceptional America

    Government as political weaponry

    Stirring racial hatred

    Apology Tours

    World on fire

    betrayal of allies

    betrayal of friends in Iraq, Kurd, Afghans

    Economy, unemployment

    Govt culture of lying

    unilateral governance, unravels representative governance
    flouting constitution
    pushing labor
    banks, strong-arming banks
    wars against
    IRS as a weapon, EPA, etc

  • Slimy, No-Talent Party Hack is Obama’s Pick To Solve Ebola Crisis

    How nice. Obama has shown again how seriously he takes his job. Between fund-raising trips and jaunts to the golf course, he took time to appoint Ron Klain as his “Ebola Czar”. This guy has no background whatsoever with medicine, health care, or disease control. Nor does he have any experience (successfully) managing or coordinating any strategic effort of any kind.

    What does Klain bring to the table that makes him the natural pick to lead the nation’s effort to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus before it blossoms into a full-blown epidemic? I’m glad you asked.

    Ron Klain’s Resume

    • He is a lawyer. That in itself is not a crime. But lawyers don’t lead, they don’t see the world strategically, as an arena to act decisively; they see the world according to details, to competing arguments, as an arena in which to persuade. Should an Ebola Czar act decisively, or should he occupy himself persuading?
    • He’s an experienced lobbyist – you know, the kind of person Obama promised would not be in his administration. Naturally, USA Today is quick to point out that he was not a “registered” lobbyist, so that, like, doesn’t count as (another) broken Obama promise. Yeah OK, whatever. You could argue that schmoozing congressmen into allocating budgetary earmarks toward the fat cats you represent counts as a form of competence. Good for you. Do you want him as the only thing standing between you and the Ebola virus?
    • In the 2000 election Florida recount fiasco, he led Al Gore’s army of lawyers. Which means he made the call on selecting only Democrat-dominated counties to recount; he brought us “hanging chads” and “pregnant chads”; he decided to go directly after military votes and get as many disqualified as possible. What does this say about our Ebola Czar? He is a vicious opportunistic bottom-feeder who happily exploited the absentee voting challenges facing our military personnel who happened to be serving overseas or at sea during the 2000 election. Also, his side lost, so Klain gets no points here for successful experience coordinating a large multi-team effort. So, scumbag and loser.
    • He has been the chief of staff of Al Gore while he was Vice President, of Joe Biden when he was Vice President, and Janet Reno when she was Attorney General for Bill Clinton. I will grant that this, COS of very high-ranking cabinet members, actually counts toward useful experience. But the crisis management here is more about message control, political spin, than about effective problem-solving. Which, by the way, explains much about why Obama picked him for this spot.
    • He was deeply involved in the Solyndra mess, and probably was the person most responsible for Obama looking like a fool when that company went bankrupt. Valerie Jarrett at one point asked for his assessment of Solyndra’s stability, shorty before Obama visited and heralded Solyndra as a shining example of his “green energy” emphasis. Klain reported to Jarrett that there were risks, but only so much as might be expected in an emerging industry. He was not, per se a part of the scandal. But his attitude typifies that of the Obamanistas – that taxpayer money is play money, to be applied to the Democrat agenda without hesitation. Also, at the time he reported Solyndra has “having some risk factors”, they in fact had already burned through an amazing amount of money with no discernable product or prospect of viability, which would have been easily observable to anybody looking closely. What does this say about our Ebola Czar? He has not displayed the ability to recognize current and upcoming problems.

    So, hey, I feel better.

    If this administration was even minimally competent…

    So why do we even have the cabinet department HHS (Health and Human Services), the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) anyway? Do they not exists for exactly this type of thing? To serve the American public in matters of health and disease, and to keep a watchful eye on the risks of epidemics?

    HHS has been busy wasting billions of dollars on Obamacare, and that dreadful exchange. Both the NIH and CDC appear to have been caught completely unprepared to address the challenge. The NIH has spent the last 6 years spending effort and taxpayer money on fanciful waste such as why lesbians are fat, “origami condoms” (don’t ask), texting obese people, and finding out why people like Seinfeld re-runs. The CDC has shown us that they have had no protocols in place for an invasion of a dangerous disease. What have they been doing?

    Selecting a “czar” to do something the government was supposed to already be doing, wha tdoes that say about the person leading that government for six years now? And in the face of utter incompetence of existing agencies, they have selected a sleazy political hack with absolutely no background in health, disease, or medicine.

    What does that say about Obama’s interest in actually using the government to protect the citizens?

  • Ebola Fallout: Can Democrats Perform Any Government Function?

    So far, this is just notes.

    if we make this a series on how democrats suck, how might we play into the title?
    series that includes …what?

    Fatuous incompetence


    VA – veterans administration
    Foreign policy/war/Iraq etc/Benghazi
    general motors
    Quantitative easing (also partly to hide sucky economy)
    trumpeting intel success (like killing OBL) so early you blow assets

    Hurricane Sandy
    Secret Service with hookers and etc
    TSA – those new fancy scanners, and finding out nothing actually works

    Covering up/protecting other agendas
    Ebola (open border)
    Open borders – to facilitate Democrat voting blocs, and “citizen of the world” bull-crap
    Porkulus – keep unions fat and happy
    Economy, unemployment – hide big spending, creating dependency state — > more democrat voters
    unemployment numbers and general economic numbers
    Not passing a budget for 6 fricking years – to keep from showing fat govt growth like institutionalized porkulus
    BP oil spill – held the cleaners back in port because of (a) unions, (b) wanted to increase the spectacle
    solyndra etc
    Porkulus and “shovel-ready jobs”

    political correctness blocking effective work
    Ebola (probably) too much attention might be drawn to open border/immigration
    racial political correctness

    power, power, power
    NLRB “recess” appointments
    executive orders
    “we won”
    bank bailouts, strong-armin banks into taking bailouts
    huge purge in high-ranking military, use of military as social playground

    political agenda (direct)
    Border open
    DOJ voter ID
    DOJ racial stuff
    Fast/Furious (gun control)
    govt shutdown and the WW2 memorials (and etc) National Park Service
    EPA – coal, general f-ing mayhem in energy industry
    NTSB – wara aginst Toyota
    Military – don’t want to actually stop muslim radicals
    precipitous withdrawal fro Iraq and Afghanistan
    Obamacare – single payer, insurer-colloboration in deadlines,
    Washington Redskins
    KSM try to have his case in NYC
    Keystone pipeline
    in 2009 with economy a wreck, spent 2 whole years trying to jam obamacare down our throats

    They view actual crises as “something to be tamped down”, or “something to get some political shots in against Repubs, or “opportunity to add regulation and control to another sector of American life.

    Media gets a very large atta-boy in this matter. Completely unwilling to hold democrats accountable for anything. Take Washington Redskins coverage vs any-and-all Obama scandals.